Imagine walking into a dream. The dream is a device created to help expand your awareness of the subtlest aspects of the environment. Imagine walking into a house. The house has been reclaimed by nature and is no longer a human habitat. It has become a wild place. It makes a wild sound. Imagine walking through a sound. The sound is immense and spreads far like a thin fog. As you immerse yourself in the sound fog and your senses are coerced into subtle focus, focus of the subtle, your mind becomes undone. Just a little. Undone to become redone. Retuned like a musical instrument. Imagine you are a musical instrument, perfectly proportioned to resonate and sing. Imagine the dream sound fog has been perfectly positioned to fine-tune your resonating body.

The first iteration of Wave Decay (Sonotorium) was a site specific sound and art installation in Annandale, Dumfries and Galloway. Set in an undisclosed rural location near Lockerbie, getting to Wave Decay involved a short walk to the crumbling remains of a Victorian mansion. The Sonotorium was only available to visit on two evenings in August 2016.

Using a custom designed multi-channel sound system, the sound space is comprised of musical frequencies not heard in the normal Western musical scale. These frequencies have been compiled in a way that harmonizes with the resonant frequencies of the inner ear, the speed of light, and the procession of the equinoxes. In essence, we have tuned our sound environment to harmonize with the universe. The Sonotorium uses the Golden Ratio and the Just Intonation tuning system to further enhance the sonic healing soundscape with layers of perfect harmony.





Wave Decay has seen two incarnations:


Wave Decay Sonotorium: 19/20 August 2016, Annandale, Scotland
Read blogs about the event: Katie // Justin

Wave Decay Sanctuary: 23/24 September 2017, Santuary Festival, Scotland
Read blogs about the event: Katie

Katie Anderson is an artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice. Working through installation, sculpture, public art and 'socially engaged' practice, she continuously questions the role of art as a means of exploration, communication and exchange of ideas.



Justin K Prim is an artist, musician, author, and spiritual healer from San Francisco, California. He's spent the last 12 years exploring the metaphysics of sound through self-recorded albums of vocal-based long-form loop music under the moniker Justinus Primitive. His most recent creative endeavor consisted of a six month quest to explore sacred sites from the Arthurian legends for an upcoming book. He maintains a spiritual healing practice throughout his travels where he combines spiritual energy healing with sound therapy. He is a professionally trained Audio Engineer and Spiritual Medium and he combines both of these passions into a unique and creative exploration of the universe.




Special thanks to DG Unlimited, DG Council, The Stove Network, and The Holywood Trust for the support.